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Rapid Perception Effective Reading and Learning Training


Rapid Perception Effective Reading and Learning Training

Our training program aiming for the automatic development of reading speed and understanding with the synchronized work of the related functions of the mind due to the cognitive exercises based on the Neuro Attention Method.

Training consists of 3 interconnected stages:
On the first step of the training, we will perform exercises aiming the development of;
Information Processing Speed (Rapid Perception)
Instant and short-term memory
Working Memory

In the second stage, a program aiming for the development of the visual perception system is implemented.
On the last stage, with the synchronized work of the aforementioned systems, a higher level of perceiving, reading and learning is aimed.
It is beneficial to all ages above 9 years.
Duration: Program is structured as a 30-day training. An allocation of 40-60 minutes Daily would be sufficient. We recommend you read the Frequently Asked Questions section first.

Important: Our program is not a speed-reading training. It is an extraordinary training program that carries the potential to increase reading, comprehension and learning efficiency by working on the related mental functions (information processing speed, perception, attention, working memory).
It is a 30-day-structured format in the form of video training. After purchasing through the “Join the Training” button, you will receive your username and password as an email, enabling you to log in to the distance learning portal. Your username will be the email address you’ve used while purchasing, therefore make sure you have written it correctly.

We recommend that you watch the “Neuro Attention Introduction”, “Operation of the Training Program” and “Reading Measurement” videos through the “Distance Education Portal” button on the top of the page and then experience the “Demo Training”.