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Neuro Attention Trainer Training Consists of 3 Sections

1.Cognitive Development Applications and Exercises

Perception, attention, short-term memory, working memory and psychomotor speed development exercises are applied after a brief theoretical teaching about the human mind and learning mechanism.

2.Rapid Perception and Learning

At this stage, exercises and applications are practiced to activate the rapid perception and visual perception systems and to integrate them with the learning of the previous stage.

3.Structuring the Training Program

In the last stage, how the training program can be structured and the important points to be considered while applying the program are shared.

Training Duration : 1 day (6 hours)

Note: The training program is for knowledge and awareness rather than skill development. After participating in the training, the trainer will need a time of 2-3 weeks to process, internalize and experience all the new information, the system, and the exercises During and after this period, consultancy support is provided to the trainer.

At the end of this period, the trainer can share “Attention Development and Rapid Perception, Effective Reading and Learning” training programs both remotely and face to face.

Materials to be shared with the trainer candidate after the training

1. “Educational Computer Programs” to be used in the training: 10 licensed for a year and 5 with unlimited usage.

2. 10 Mindpowerful games

Note: Make the purchase after the pre-registration process, after getting approval from our education consultant.

Training Dates;